The Federal government and CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) have mandated that hospitals and other healthcare organizations have a process for patients and their representatives to file complaints and/or grievances related to care and services rendered.  The guidelines recommend that someone be designated to serve as the patient advocate. An advocate is one who speaks for another. At Macon Community Hospital, the patient advocate is the one who speaks for the patient when the patient has a complaint or grievance regarding care or services rendered by the hospital.  It is the advocate’s responsibility to investigate the events which resulted in a complaint or grievance.  This investigation can involve interviews with the patient, family members, staff, including the physician, present at the time, medical record review and search of outside sources.  After conducting the investigation, the advocate communicates the findings with hospital leadership to determine the most reasonable resolution possible.  The results of the investigation and the proposed resolution is communicated, in writing, to the patient.

The Macon Community Hospital Patient Advocate may be reached at 615-688-7907.