If you have difficulty sleeping or experience overwhelming fatigue during the day, this could be your wake-up call! Reduced attention span, frequent waking during the night, morning headaches, fatigue, or irritability can affect your quality of life. Find out if a sleep study may be right for you, and let us help you say goodbye to sleepless nights!

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“A sleep study is a simple process. We put you in a nice room with a comfortable bed, attach sensors to your head, chest and legs, and monitor your vitals, oxygen levels and breathing patterns while you rest.

If you are dealing with sleep issues, I suggest you talk to your doctor to see if a sleep study might be right for you. And, if you do need one, you just come right here to the hospital to have it done.

I have been in this field going on ten years, and I’ve seen people have to drive long distances to get a sleep study done. Offering sleep lab services at a rural community hospital ensures that local residents have access to comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, without having to travel out of town to get the help they need.”

– James Hix, Sleep Study Technician