Betty Lou Carter

“Having a compassionate hometown hospital is truly a blessing.”

Brandon Clark

“My great care was like a healthy dose of Southern hospitality!”

Timmy Jones

“A $50 test helped save my life!”

Jimmie Walker

“My heart is full of gratitude for Macon Community Hospital!”

Dale Fryman

“Macon Community Hospital saved my life!”

Don Traylor

“No other hospital treats you like Macon Community!”

Tim Carter

“For Dad and me, Macon Community hospital is a double lifesaver!”

Angie Sullivan

“This hospital provided the right therapy to help me beat COVID!”

Billy Snyder

“Taking control of your health starts at Macon Community Hospital!”

Brittany Law

“Thanks to this hospital, I found the strength to beat breast cancer!”

Chris Gregory

“I am so appreciative of the quality care I receive during each visit here!”

James Hix

“I have a stronger heartbeat than I’ve felt in 10 years!”

James Warner

“I got my birthday wish: a healthier heart!”

Jerry Carter

“For 20 minutes, they kept me alive!”

JoAnn Birdwell

“Macon Community Hospital keeps my ticker ticking!”

Julie Lammers

“I believe my ER visit saved me from a heart attack!”

Larry Driver

“At Macon Community Hospital, I’m surrounded by people who care.”

Lori Jones

“Two thumbs up to Macon Community Hosptial!”

Lyra Craighead

“Thanks to Macon Community Hospital, Lyra has many more birthdays to celebrate!”

Paul Filson

“Thanks to Dr. O, I’m A-OK after my heart attack!”

Rita Driver

“A 10-minute heart scan, probably saved my life!”

Tammy Gregory

“Quick response and expert care is why I’m alive and doing well today!”