Respite Care at Macon Community Hospital provides a short term temporary health care for those individuals who require specialized care or supervision that is normally provided by his or her family at home. Respite care provides the family with relief from demands of the patients care.

Respite Care simply means and interval of rest or relief. Respite Care gives your family caregiver opportunity to take a much needed break from the daily care that you provide for your loved one at home. A period of respite care may be a few hours or a few days at time, depending on what is decided between you and the care recipient.

It is important to have a plan for your own self-care because doing so can enhance the quality of life for you and your loved one. The more relaxed and fulfilled you feel, the more easily you will be able to provide the necessary care to your loved one. It is also possible that your loved one will appreciate a respite from the normal routine of care as well.

To begin taking advantage of the Respite Care follow the steps below.

1.)    Are you a family caregiver-if you provide care to an ill family member such as assisting with areas of personal care, emotional support or companionship and maintaining the household?

2.)    Have you discussed your needs with your loved one? –It is important to communicate your needs and desires with your loved one.

3.)    How do you find out about Respite Services at Macon Community Hospital – Contact us at 615-666-2147 and ask for Social Services.