Most people take breathing for granted. It’s second nature, an involuntary reflex. But thousands of Americans suffer with breathing problems. Those people include patients with chronic lung problems such as asthma, bronchitis, COPD, recurring pneumonias. and emphysema, as well as heart attack victims, premature infants, and people with various lung defects.

In each of these cases, the patient will most likely receive breathing treatments and oxygenation therapy from a respiratory therapist. Respiratory therapists work with physicians and other health care professionals to evaluate, treat, and care for the patients with breathing disorders.

The Respiratory Care Department of Macon Community Hospital not only provides care for patients with breathing disorders, but also performs other diagnostic procedures such as:

  • EKG’s – Adult and Pediatric
  • Stress Testing – Exercise and Medication Induced, add, exercise, nuclear images, and medication induced
  • Arterial blood gas testing and analysis
  • Pulmonary Function testing
  • Cardio pulmonary diagnostic procedures.
  • Evaluate need for home oxygen therapy
  • Monitor heart with 24-48 hour holter monitor, or 30 day event monitors
  • Pulmonary function diagnostic testing with nitrogen wash and diffusion capacity

The Respiratory Care Department of Macon Community Hospital hopes that in the future, you will come to us for all your respiratory needs. We hope that your stay here with us will be one that brings you back to this facility the next time you need care with a personal touch.