Macon Community Hospital Chaplain Service Program provides a weekly visitation and on call volunteer chaplain as part as the hospital wellness for their patients, staff and their families.

Chaplin Service has been found to assist in providing spiritual support in various areas of stressful life events such as grief of losing a family member, military service, jail and prison experiences, corporate human resource mediation, family disruption and physical and mental issues.

The Chaplain Service at Macon Community Hospital focuses on spiritual support featuring the elements of assurance that one is loved and respected, trust that all is being done to serve them with personal professional care, hope and faith for good things to come.

The Chaplain uses the tools of listening, encouraging with scriptures and quotes and prayer as requested and appropriate.

The Chaplain Service is available to any and all patients, families or staff member regardless of any church affiliation or non-affiliation, religious convictions or non-convictions. It is a service of unconditional love and support.

Patients and family members may request chaplain services by calling the hospitals social service coordinator.  6156662147 ext. 398 or the nurse’s station.