Certified Lymphedema Therapists Benita Hudson, MSOTR/L, PTA, DOR, and Sonja Gregory, PTA/CLT, help patients who are experiencing uncomfortable swelling and pain in the lymph nodes of the body, otherwise known as lymphedema, to find relief. Working closely with each patient, our team diagnoses the cause of the condition and then develops a personalized treatment plan to guide patients down the road to recovery!

For more information please contact us at 615-666-2147.

“When we were asked what this program meant to us, Sonja and I agreed, it is not about us but what we at Macon Community Hospital Therapy Services can do for our community. Once again with the support of our local 5-Star Hospital the residents of our community will not have to travel to receive medical services they need!”

– Benita Hudson, MSOTR/L, PTA, DOR

“If you are wondering about this service, WHAT we do, WHY anyone would benefit from this, WHO needs this, we will try to answer with one short response. If you or anyone you know has swelling in your legs, arms, or just the feeling of fullness that doesn’t go back to “normal”, call us!”

– Sonja Gregory, PTA/CLT