“This hospital provided the right therapy to help me beat COVID!”

— Angie Sullivan

This past August, Angie Sullivan woke up experiencing multiple COVID symptoms. “I had a fever, sore throat, cough, headache and body aches,” Angie remembers. “A day or two later, it immediately settled in my chest. Being at a higher risk for COVID because of my weight, recent surgery, and having an autoimmune disease, I knew I needed to get help.”

So Angie consulted Dr. Hanna Ilia, a board-certified family practice physician with Macon Community Hospital. “He’s my primary care provider and my family’s physician. We all just love him!” Dr. Ilia prescribed Angie a steroid pack, antibiotics, and gave her an inhaler. He also recommended that Angie receive a monoclonal antibody infusion at Macon Community Hospital.

“That was the turning point for me,” Angie says. “I could tell a huge difference just a day after the infusion, and the next day, there was a huge improvement with my symptoms and my fatigue. The infusion staff was great. The procedure took less than two hours and I felt comfortable the whole time. The staff monitored my vitals and provided helpful information about how to recover more quickly from COVID. They even called me the next day to see how I was doing. Thanks to Macon Community Hospital, I had the right care to help beat COVID!”