“Quick response and expert care is why I’m alive and doing well today!”

— Tammy Gregory

My name is Tammy Gregory, Executive Administrative Assistant, and I’ve worked at Macon Community Hospital for nearly 20 years. I have always been a huge advocate and supporter of this wonderful hospital. The employees are compassionate, and they genuinely care about each patient and visitor that walks through our doors.

I experienced firsthand the high level of care Macon Community Hospital offers when I began to feel sick one afternoon while at work. I had a horrible headache, my vision was blurring, and my right side started feeling weak and limp. I lost the ability to write or talk in complete sentences. Fortunately, our CFO walked by my office and noticed that something was wrong. He rushed me to the ER, where the staff immediately started to assess my situation.

I cannot say enough about the excellent care I received. The ER staff, and the ancillary departments that performed my tests, are fantastic at what they do! No one wasted any time as they worked quickly to find out what was wrong with me. They determined that I was having a stroke. At that point I saw a neurologist, who confirmed the diagnosis. I know that it’s because of the quick response and expert care I received at Macon Community Hospital that I can say I am alive and doing well today!

Our hospital may not be as big as other hospitals, but what we lack in size, we make up for in so many other ways. You cannot go anywhere else and receive the same kind of personal, quality care that Macon Community Hospital offers. Here, every patient is treated like a member of our own families – with compassion, dignity and respect. I am so thankful to be a part of this amazing hospital family!