“Thanks to Macon Community Hospital, Lyra has many more birthdays to celebrate!”

— Tiffany Craighead

Lyra Craighead (center) was about to celebrate her fifth birthday the next day. But Lyra’s mother, Tiffany, was worried. Lyra had vomited several times and was suffering from severe constipation.

“Lyra was very uncomfortable,” remembers Tiffany, who works on the medical staff credentialing and administrative team at Macon Community Hospital. “ She was sweating from head to toe and crying.” Tiffany took her daughter to Macon Community Hospital, where a CT Scan revealed that Lyra had a severe bowel obstruction.

The medical team immediately went to work and arranged transport to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. “A doctor at Vanderbilt said Lyra’s bowel would have burst in less than two hours,” says Tiffany. “The fast action of the doctors and nurses at Macon Community Hospital saved Lyra’s life!”

Today Lyra continues to receive care at Macon Community Hospital. “Wendy Steen (left) and Angela Russell (right) are great nurses,” says Tiffany. “They know Lyra’s medical history, so they know how to take care of her. We may have been to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and The Cleveland Clinic, but the care at Macon Community Hospital is unsurpassed. So it’s no surprise to me that Macon Community Hospital was recently named one of America’s Top 100 Hospitals for patient experience!”