“At Macon Community Hospital, I’m surrounded by people who care.”

— Larry Driver

Larry Driver (center) has had plenty of experience as a patient at Macon Community Hospital. It started in 2004 when Larry suffered a heart attack, and Dr. Hanna Ilia (standing left) helped stabilize his condition. Since then, Larry has had multiple surgeries and procedures performed at Macon Community Hospital, helped by people like surgery team members Diana Kneedler (standing right), Margaret Wolford (seated left) and Sandra Gammons (seated right).

For example, Larry has used the medical imaging technology at Macon Community Hospital, which includes MRI, Ultrasound, CT, Bone Densitometry and Nuclear Medicine. “I’ve had an MRI several times so doctors could look at my knee and back,” he says. In addition, Larry has also had a colonoscopy performed at the hospital. And when Larry became severely dehydrated and weak a few years ago, he trusted the hospital’s Emergency Department, where an ER physician is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For all of his many visits to Macon Community Hospital, Larry has always been impressed with the care he’s received and the professionalism of the staff. “Every time I’ve been there, everyone has just been super-nice to me,” Larry says. “It’s good to know that we’ve got such caring people so close to home.”