“No other hospital treats you like Macon Community!”

— Don Traylor

Don Traylor is a frequent patient at Macon Community Hospital. That’s because the 83-year-old suffers from colitis, a chronic digestive disease that can cause severe dehydration. “For the past few years, I’ve probably stayed a month or more at Macon Community Hospital,” Don says. “I’ve been to some of the larger hospitals in Tennessee and I’ve never been treated so kindly. You can hear their compassion and concern in their voices and see it in their actions.”

The first time Don was dehydrated, he went to another hospital. “They gave me potassium directly, and I felt like I was on fire for over an hour,” Don remembers. “The next time, I went to Macon Community Hospital. They used another technique to give me the potassium that made it easy.”

Don has stayed at Macon Community Hospital for other medical conditions, including neuropathy and vertigo. One time, Don was so thankful for the care he received that he bought a huge gift basket of candy and delivered it in person to the nurses. “I’ve lived in Macon County since 1970, and I’ve seen the hospital grow over the years. Today, with its new state-of-the-art Emergency Room, Macon Community Hospital is better than ever. It’s just so reassuring to go to a hospital where you know they will take care of you!”