“I am so appreciative of the quality care I receive during each visit here!”

— Chris Gregory

My name is Chris Gregory, and I have worked in Maintenance at Macon Community Hospital for 20 years. During the past few years, I have personally experienced a lot that our hospital has to offer, from the technology to the excellent care each member of the Macon team provides every single day.

A few years ago, the lab department received new equipment and needed some volunteers to undergo a few standard screenings to test everything. I willingly offered my assistance. One of the tests performed indicated that I had an elevated PSA (prostate specific antigen) level, which caused some concern. MCH notified my primary care physician of the results, and after follow-up visits with my doctor and a urologist, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. This was a hard diagnosis to hear, but at least I knew I’d be in good hands with Macon Community Hospital supporting me through the journey.

From registration, lab, medical imaging, respiratory, nuclear medicine and the ER, I am so thankful that I’ve been able to have all of my follow-up outpatient appointments for lab work, x-rays, scans and more performed right here at Macon Community Hospital, where I trust the people and feel at home.

I am so appreciative of the quality care I receive during each visit, and I love the convenience of being close to home. It really does make such a difference when you know you can have all your tests done here, instead of having to drive out of town all the time. I am so thankful to work here, and when I have to be a patient as well, there’s no other place I’d rather go to receive care.