“Two thumbs up to Macon Community Hospital!””

— Lori Jones

Lori Jones is a huge supporter of Macon Community Hospital. “I think we are so fortunate to have this hospital in our community,” says Lori, who works as an HR assistant at Tennplasco, an injection molding company in Lafayette. “It’s a real jewel for all of us here in Macon County.”

And when Lori says two thumbs up, she means it—literally. “I was working at a part-time job slicing a steak when I accidentally cut the tendon on my left thumb,” Lori explains. “Fortunately, Macon Community Hospital was right across the street. Teresa Deering (left) was the ER nurse on duty. I was scared, but the entire staff was professional, friendly and really took the time to take care of me, put me at ease and save my thumb.”

Lori is also impressed with the medical imaging technology available at the hospital. For example, Macon Community Hospital has the most advanced ultrasound system on the market: the GE-E9 and Mindray portable. And when Lori had her first mammogram last year, she discovered that Macon Community Hospital had recently installed the most advanced digital mammography available. “Kim Winsett (right) took care of me during my mammogram, and she really knows what she is doing,” says Lori. “People need to realize that our local small-town hospital is BIG on technology.”