“I believe my ER visitsaved me froma heart attack!”

— Julie Lammers

My name is Julie Lammers and I am a Material Management Specialist at Macon Community Hospital. In my 12 years with the hospital, I have assisted in multiple departments and have seen first-hand the kind of care this hospital provides to its patients. People here, including employees, are treated like family. That’s why I know I can always trust this hospital for my care, whether it’s a surgical procedure, which I’ve had two of since working here, or something more serious.

A few months ago I was home on a regular Sunday evening when I started having a severe headache. I laid down, thinking that would help, but it didn’t. Then, I started vomiting. Really beginning to get worried, I called my co-worker and asked her to take me to the Emergency Room at Macon Community Hospital.

Upon arriving I was placed in a wheelchair and immediately the night nurse, Eric Carver, began a cardio evaluation – checking my blood pressure, placing a heart monitor on me, and performing an EKG. My blood pressure was 178/128 and my heartbeat was abnormal! Dr. Olufemi Odunisi ordered several tests as well as medication designed to lower blood pressure.

During this time, because of COVID, the hospital had a no visitor policy, which made my anxiety even worse. Thankfully, Eric stayed by my side until my blood pressure was stable, and afterwards he and the rest of the ER staff checked on me often, which really helped to ease my nerves and made me feel safe and comfortable.

After evaluation, it was determined that I should be admitted to the hospital for further observation. Dr. Hanna Ilia and the nurses on the floor took amazing care of me during my stay. My blood pressure finally stabilized and my heart arrhythmia went back to normal. I am very thankful for the care I received, and I believe the quick response and attentiveness of my doctors and nurses ultimately saved me from having a heart attack or stroke!